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  1. Domain Registration

    Select your unique domain and establish your online identity.

  2. Hosting Options

    Decide who is going to look after your little website baby once it's born.

  3. Keywork Research

    Boost your content strategy and rank higher.

  4. Web Design

    Highlight your brand with a new web design.

  5. Web Development

    Build your web design and be viewed by millions.

  6. Maintenance

    Even web-sites need a grease and oil change. Don't let yours suffer.

Your at the beginning of a new WordPress Website

What are the steps to get you going

You can choose to do any of the steps below yourself. We can be part of any of the steps at any point in time.

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  • Action Pen

    Website Design

    Design is not about the final product but like the blueprint for your site and consists of two items: 

    • User Experience design encompasses everything from the layout and flow of content to load times and responsiveness to various devices.
    • User Interface primarily concerned with ensuring that the interface is visually appealing, coherent, and in line with the brand’s style and identity.

    Both are crucial in web design, as a beautiful site (UI) that’s difficult to navigate (poor UX) will not engage users, and a functional site (good UX) that’s unattractive (poor UI) may not captivate users either.

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  • Action Desktop Tower

    Website Development

    Development focuses on the actual building of the site. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from creating a simple static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

    This is all generated from the the design phase of your website build.

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    • Page development

      Final production from design mockups to page.

      from$200per page
    • Forms

      Form planning, consulting, and buildout.

      from$200per page
  • Action Hard Drive

    WordPress Website Hosting

    Every site on the internet is stored somewhere. When people visit a website, pages of information come to life. A Hosting Provider stores or hosts your website so that it is accessable to everyone.

    Unfortunatly hosting services are often over-subscribed, basically too many websites/resources. This is where we are different in monitoring all websites and their performance to ensure sites are not suffereing.

    All hosting plans come with a daily backup schedule for wordpress with a 30 day retention (other options available).

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    • Shared Hosting

      Shared Hosting with 100gb storage.

      from$49per month
    • Dedicated Hosting

      Dedicated 1GB Ram with 2vCPUs and 100gb storage.

      from$59per month
    • Maintenance

      We do maintenance to keep your server tip top and up to date. Uptime checks, plugin updates, security checks and scans.

      $49per month
  • Action Article

    Keyword Research

    Every word on your website should be crafted to allow for maximum exposure. Keywords help direct the right audience to your website in the giant ocean that is the internet. 

    If people intend to search in a particual way, your site should be ready to supply helpful content that matches exactly what they are looking for. Matching search intent with keywords on your page is crucial to being found.

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    • Keyword Audit

      Just exactly what keywords are best used within your website copy to gain an advantage.

      from$1200one location
    • Additional Locations

      If your business is located in more than one geographical location.

      from$400per location
    • Page Copy

      If you do not intent to write the content of your website then get copy created for you.

      $.40per word
  • Action Hammer

    Maintenance on Pages

    If your considering a re-brand then looking at each page is a neccessity. Or even editing existing content that someone else has created can be a challenging experience.

    We can jump in and fix up content gone crazy, replace pictures or just general changes that are needed.

    This could include aligning colors for a re-branding experience.

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    • Hourly Rate

      Any general maintenance tasks as required.

      from$150per hour
    • Replacing images

      Get custom, original royalty-free images onto your site.

      from$40per picture
    • Backups and Page Migrations

      Backup or Migrate existing site or blog posts to a new page or website.

      from$250per blog
  • Action Trademark Registered

    Domain Registration

    The choice of how you’ll be recognized and reached on the internet is a pivotal one. Use the KISS principle here as people have to be able to find, type or get some sort of understanding from the name you create. 

    Strive to make it relevant, meaningful, or memorable in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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    • New Domain Name

      Registeration fee is based on what domain type you would like (.au .com etc)

      from$22per year
    • Renew/Transfer your Domain

      The name will need to be renewed each year and is similar to your initial fee. Getting your records tranferred to us is an optional step.

      from$85per year
    • Lets do this together

      One hour online consult with you and getting a name registered. Everything gets setup so that your hosting will work.

      $180first year