WordPress Hosting and Performance

Lets get your site at full steam ahead

Lets GO
  1. Improve Page loading

    Get faster than 3 seconds load time.

  2. Reduce Pagesize

    The smaller the page, the faster it loads. It's (well, nearly) that simple.

  3. Increase Ranking

    Speed is a known SEO factor, slow sites can be penalized for being just that.

  4. Reduce Bounce Rates

    Keep visitors on your site longer by giving them less to grumble about.

  5. Add time on site

    Speeding your site up reduces frustrations and increases browsing time.

  6. Register a Domain

    Time to get your name out there. Migrate or Register your domain.

Tweak your site for speed

It's not all about getting a new website

There are many many reasons to improve the load times and speed of your website. This can be done with performance tweaks and Server Hosting. Ensure the best performance for your users and your site.

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  • Action Hard Drive

    WordPress Website Hosting

    Every site on the internet is stored somewhere. When people visit a website, pages of information come to life. A Hosting Provider stores or hosts your website so that it is accessable to everyone.

    Unfortunatly hosting services are often over-subscribed, basically too many websites/resources. This is where we are different in monitoring all websites and their performance to ensure sites are not suffereing.

    All hosting plans come with a daily backup schedule for wordpress with a 30 day retention (other options available).

    • Shared Hosting

      Shared Hosting with 100gb storage.

      from$49per month
    • Dedicated Hosting

      Dedicated 1GB Ram with 2vCPUs and 100gb storage.

      from$59per month
    • Maintenance

      We do maintenance to keep your server tip top and up to date. Uptime checks, plugin updates, security checks and scans.

      $49per month
  • Orange Rocket Launch

    Performance Boosts

    Nothing worse when your waiting for a site to load. This could indicate that you have:

    • Hosting issues
    • Page complexity
    • Links going to external referrences
    • Image sizes too large
    • Excessive Javascript or CSS

    It’s not alway obvious and sometimes just a few suggestions can help, but it can make a difference to the experience people get.

    • Quick View

      A very basic list of suggestions and recommendations of your site in how you might be able to increase and gain some performance.

      $80per site
    • In Depth

      Analysis and reduction of page speed load times on your existing site. (As this is on your site it requires more work)

      $650per site
    • The Ultimate

      Migration in server hosting, performance tweaks, image compression, plugin analysis. (ongoing $49 monthly fee)

      $450per site
  • Action Trademark Registered

    Domain Registration

    The choice of how you’ll be recognized and reached on the internet is a pivotal one. Use the KISS principle here as people have to be able to find, type or get some sort of understanding from the name you create. 

    Strive to make it relevant, meaningful, or memorable in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

    • New Domain Name

      Registeration fee is based on what domain type you would like (.au .com etc)

      from$22per year
    • Renew/Transfer your Domain

      The name will need to be renewed each year and is similar to your initial fee. Getting your records tranferred to us is an optional step.

      from$85per year
    • Lets do this together

      One hour online consult with you and getting a name registered. Everything gets setup so that your hosting will work.

      $180first year
  • Envelope Open

    E-Mail Hosting

    If you would like to have an email service that reliably delivers then this is for you. Get email addresses for your domain with options to import your old/existing messages if you need. We monitor and keep our IPs clean to avoid getting placed onto blacklists. Our email service will have:

    • Controls to setup emails and passwords when required
    • Have mailbox backups
    • Set daily limits
    • Stop bulk messaging accounts to keep things clean
    • e-mail hosting

      Get your domain email address hosted with us

      $10per month