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  1. Make it work on Mobiles

    Responsiveness is important as over 50% of users are on mobile phones.

  2. Update your site

    Extra pages or tweaks to improve parts of your site.

  3. Make your site secure

    Get SSL setup to allow secure connections to your site.

  4. Replace your imagery

    Renew older, outdated photos that do not align with your image.

  5. Fix broken Links

    Restore any lost links that go to incorrect or missing pages.

  6. Restructure your menu

    Give the visitors to your site a better, more functional menu.

Website need a little work?

It's not all about getting a new website

Over time many different people may look and change things can allow little issues to creep in. It may not show on the page that had the work done. Un-beknown to you weeks could go by before it's found. It could be due to plugin updates or even an expired certificate.

  • Action Hammer

    Maintenance on Pages

    If your considering a re-brand then looking at each page is a neccessity. Or even editing existing content that someone else has created can be a challenging experience.

    We can jump in and fix up content gone crazy, replace pictures or just general changes that are needed.

    This could include aligning colors for a re-branding experience.

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    • Hourly Rate

      Any general maintenance tasks as required.

      from$150per hour
    • Replacing images

      Get custom, original royalty-free images onto your site.

      from$40per picture
    • Backups and Page Migrations

      Backup or Migrate existing site or blog posts to a new page or website.

      from$250per blog
  • Orange Device Mobile


    A responsive design ensures that the website adjusts to fit the screen it’s viewed on, delivering a consistent and optimal experience.

    The number of people accessing websites from mobile devices continues to rise and is over half of your traffic.

    Considering search engines, particularly Google, factor in mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal then looking to fix or update your responsive design is a must.

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    • Responsive Issues

      Ensuring a page displays correctly for your intended audience on different screen sizes.

      from$200per template
  • Orange Lock Key

    Secure your Site with SSL

    Secure Sockets Layer is essential for websites for the following reasons:

    • Data Integrity
    • Data Encryption
    • Authentication
    • SEO boost
    • Trust and Credibility
    • and more….

    In short, it’s vital to handle sensitive information. It ensures data security, increases trust with users, provides a competitive advantage, and can boost search engine rankings.

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    • Setup your SSL

      Hosting fixes, Webpage embeds and SSL types.

      from$150per hour
  • Action

    Old Images

    Photo’s can make or break a site in respect to how they look and how a site might load. Older images just look dated but they also might not be compressed or in a suitable format to display correctly. Even img tags and alt text (descriptions against the images) play a crucial role for accessibility and SEO. Size of backups, page speed, mobile viewing, there really is quite a list of benifits not to ignore.

    Get Cracking
    • Fixing existing images

      Update your pictures to allow for accessability, responsiveness and speed.

      from$40per image
    • Replace images

      Get custom, original royalty-free images onto your site.

      from$55per image
  • Action Link Break

    Broken Links

    A 404 error, often termed a “Page Not Found” error, happens when a user tries to access a webpage that the server can’t find. This can happen for various reasons such as:

    • Deleted content
    • Broken links or mis-typed links
    • Outdated search results

    Not only does this affect your user experience but your rankings could drop.

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    • Fixing 404s

      Remove or repair the offending links

      $150per hour
  • Orange Action Check

    Site Updates

    Keeping wordpress and your server up to date for reasongs ranging from security to functionality and overall performance.

    Over time, developers find and fix bugs that might have been present in earlier versions of WordPress, plugins, or themes. Updating ensures you’re using the most stable and bug-free version of the software or even just to allow new features in the software.

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    • Worpress Updates

      If things are really out of date it's quite easy to get a critical error popping in and rendering your site offline.

      $150per hour
    • Backups

      This can take from 5 mins, to HOURS depending on the size of files you have, or the server your site is running on.

      $180per backup
    • Migrations

      Move your site to another hosting company and ensure minimal downtime whilst the move is taking place.

      $220per migration
  • Orange Newspaper Clipping


    “Copy” refers to the written content created for the purpose of advertising, marketing, or other forms of promotion. It is intended to persuade the audience to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, or engaging with a brand.

    It is important to incorporate copy and SEO practices for maximum page visibility and user readability.

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    • Page Copy

      Get effective copy that is clear, compelling, and resonates with its intended audience.

      $.40per word