WebSite Re-Branding

Time to make a fresh change

Get your Makeover
  1. Change your image

    A refresh of your identity to match your new look.

  2. Business Spin-off

    Bring the vison of a new product or direction of your business and highlight it.

  3. New Ideas

    Establish new ways of communicating with your customers that engage.

  4. Align Colors

    Bring your website along with your new look with a color update that matches.

  5. Promotion

    Time to show off the new look and what you stand for.

Rebranding to align

Colors, content or just change.

Usually it's just bit of a general overhaul. There are lots of subtle changes that can take place that make a difference. Maybe your target audience has changed and what you represent is no longer getting results.

  • Action Hammer

    Maintenance on Pages

    If your considering a re-brand then looking at each page is a neccessity. Or even editing existing content that someone else has created can be a challenging experience.

    We can jump in and fix up content gone crazy, replace pictures or just general changes that are needed.

    This could include aligning colors for a re-branding experience.

    Get Cracking
    • Hourly Rate

      Any general maintenance tasks as required.

      from$150per hour
    • Replacing images

      Get custom, original royalty-free images onto your site.

      from$40per picture
    • Backups and Page Migrations

      Backup or Migrate existing site or blog posts to a new page or website.

      from$250per blog
  • Action

    Old Images

    Photo’s can make or break a site in respect to how they look and how a site might load. Older images just look dated but they also might not be compressed or in a suitable format to display correctly. Even img tags and alt text (descriptions against the images) play a crucial role for accessibility and SEO. Size of backups, page speed, mobile viewing, there really is quite a list of benifits not to ignore.

    Get Cracking
    • Fixing existing images

      Update your pictures to allow for accessability, responsiveness and speed.

      from$40per image
    • Replace images

      Get custom, original royalty-free images onto your site.

      from$55per image
  • Orange Newspaper Clipping


    “Copy” refers to the written content created for the purpose of advertising, marketing, or other forms of promotion. It is intended to persuade the audience to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product, subscribing to a service, or engaging with a brand.

    It is important to incorporate copy and SEO practices for maximum page visibility and user readability.

    Get Cracking
    • Page Copy

      Get effective copy that is clear, compelling, and resonates with its intended audience.

      $.40per word